Saturday, November 15, 2008

Out & About With::Danity "Trio" Kane, Michelle Williams, Eve and Mariah Carey

Michelle Williams attended the 15th Annual OUT 100 Awards at Gotham Hall on November 14, 2008 in New York City. Yall know i've got nothing but love for Michelle, But damn, shes looking to skeleton like these days. 2 weeks with my grandma and she will put on weight.

Danity Kane made their first official appearance as a TRIO last night, as they hosted and performed at Jet Mirage Night Club. I think they look absolutely flawless, all three of them, it looks like they've let go of all the excess baggage and now they can be free, lol.

Yesterday, Mariah Carey performed at the Grand Re-Opening party for Miami Beach's Fontainebleau Resort, Miami Beach. Check out some of the pics, she looks like she was singing the song.

Yesterday, Eve attended th Fontainebleau Miami Beach Grand Opening, looking very sexy in her black get-up.


  1. Yea Michelle looking sort of Ok ok, I made that word up ...use it ok!! But damnnnn, Eve looking kinda of H-O-T

    first (^_^)

  2. couldn't agree more. she's too skinny. that's the first thing i noticed, too.

  3. Michelle: True her arms are like toothpicks. I love her though Absolutely!!!!

    DK: I'm very suspicious. The trio isn't working for me I miss seeing the real5. I suspect Dawn-Diddy collabo breaking the group up. Oh well!!!!

  4. Michelle does look really skinny

    Eve still looks good but I wonder if she ever gets sick of those tats on her boobs!?

  5. that is a very disgusting dress, mariah has on, ew ew ew


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