Sunday, November 09, 2008

!$#!PHOTO SCANDAL!$#!-Cheetah Girl "Adrienne Bailon" Nude Photo's

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Cheetah Girls star "Adrienne Bailon" took these saucy pics for her boyfriend Robert Kardashian, and they got stolen from her laptop at a NY airport. The guy that stole the laptop, demanded a ransom of $1000, which was given to him, after he got the money he returned the laptop, but without what?

Well Well Well...Look where taking saucy pics gets you. And why does "Kardashian" ring a bell? Didn't the sister make a sex tape with Brandy's younger brother Ray J? LMAO, shes a Disney star as well, the pictures are not so bad, i'm guessing she could get away with these...Just because shes a Disney star, if not, I don't see the big deal. Broads more of less leave their houses, with everything on show like that.

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  1. She should've saved those on a flash drive or something.
    Why on earth would you leave pics that you don't want to get out, on your laptop?
    Stuff happens...and this is the end result.
    Maybe she'll learn her lesson for next time.

  2. Better be save than sorrow....

    But that wasn't a nice thing they did. Oh well all for publicity... and money.


  3. O.M.G! is it me or are these disney stars just queing up and taking it in turn to get naked and flash their ass and "va-jay jay" to the public? of course they all claim is by accident. i heard that story so many times its hard to believe who's telling the truth and who's not.
    Maybe this is what the pressure of trynna keep up the "innocent" disney star look does to little girls. its makes them eventually erupt into freaky little characters. i can probably put money to predict the next disney star to take this path... nothing surprises me anymore with this girls. i feel more sorry for their adolescent fans who idealise these girls, i hope they dont end up on the same path.

  4. i don't think she will be a cheetah girl for long . i dont see the big deal as well, but the parents who let their children watch the cheetah girls will have big issues.

    anonymous i agree with what you said somewhat. disney DOES alot of pressure on these kids to act as if they are precious, innocent , and pure to the public .

  5. cheetahlicious lmao, I love you freshandfab

  6. damn that was cheap...just a thousand

  7. I never liked her or that little Keely chick because of what they did to the other original member of their sucky little girl group 3LW.


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