Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christina Milian & T.I Cover Rap-Up Double Issue

Christina on the reason why she was dropped: “It was a budget cut, I believe. [Def Jam] probably got rid of projects like mine to spend the money on [Rihanna].” And on learning about ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon’s marriage to Mariah Carey: “I was surprised like everyone else. I was like, ‘Really?’ It just seemed like a weird match, but I was happy for him. I always feel Nick works hard to get what he wants, whether that be women—that’s how he got me.”
-Wait Rihanna had nothing to do with the fact she was selling records.
T.I. On how his children are going to deal with his time in prison: “My oldest is 12—she understands. She’s strong and smart. The three weeks I was in, before I got to come home, she said to me, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll hold things down ’til you get back.’ I’m more worried about how my boys are going to deal.” And on what it would take for him to be conceited like Kanye West: “Selling a billion. At about a billion, I think I’d be pretty hard to deal with.”

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