Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Eastenders" Janine is BACK!!!// Eva Marcelle "The Young and the Restless" Photoshoot.

UK Eastenders fans would be pleased to know that their favourite "Bitch" Janine Butcher is BACK!!!

The scheming gold-digger – who killed her husband Barry Evans by pushing him off a cliff – will re-appear in the soap when step-mum Pat (Pam St Clements) bursts in on her Jewish wedding ceremony.

Janine (Charlie Brooks) has hoodwinked her elderly wealthy groom David (Harry Towb), telling him her family died in a car crash. But Pat, brother Ricky (Sid Owen) and cousin Billy (Perry Fenwick) get wind of her plan and storm into the synagogue to save the ageing man from being duped.

Devious Janine, who looks sophisticated in her wedding gear, claims she has never seen them before – and accuses the trio of being mad. But Pat barks at the groom’s family: “She’s about as Jewish as a bacon sandwich. The game’s up Janine.” The busted bride then lashes out at Pat and the rabbi stops the ceremony.

Viewers can see her return on December 18 on BBC One.

I bet none UK readers are thinking WHAT? Eastenders is one of the best soap here in the UK, its the only one I watch actually, great great show. Janine Butcher is that character you love to hate, She's the typical favorite "Bitch", she left the show a couple of years ago but now shes back, and with with a bang I see.

Since we are on soaps and not to leave the US readers completely behind, check out a new photoshoot Eva Marcelle did for her "The Young and The Restless" character "Tyra", a single mum of a 12 year old daughter. She looks great, I watched a couple of clips on YouTube as she looks like shes been doing a great job of her role and writers are looking to make her more permanent.

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  1. I hope the writers do decide to make Eva permanent on Y&R. I wasn't too sure about her at first but her and the character she plays have grown on me. I think it would be great to have more Black characters on the show as well.


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