Monday, December 08, 2008

MTV Staying Alive: Diary of Kelly Rowland

On December 1st, MTV One (UK) aired a 1hour special “MTV Staying Alive: Diary of Kelly Rowland”, which looked at Kelly's journey through Africa last summer. Above is a short clip from the show, really touching stuff.


  1. i watched this over thanksgiving break, and it was really, really deep. i'm so proud of Kels...she is doing big things although people try to hate and say she's not just because B does even BIGGER things...

  2. Haven't seen it yet but why does everyone go to Africa? I hope its not to make a statement because as an African in the US, theres a lot of stuff that needs to be done here to.

    Beyonce lied that she came to Africa to visit orphnages which she did but she was paid gazzilions to sing for Nigeria's wealthy and upper middle class elite at a concert costing over $200 for each person (Nigeria's GNI per capita is only $900) so you can imagine?

  3. I think what Kelly did was great (I just watched the clip!!!)


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