Monday, December 01, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Brandy-Long Distance

The video for Brandy's new single "Long Distance" premiered not too long ago online. This is the 2nd single lifted off her upcoming album "Human". The album comes out next week Tuesday (December 9th.

Album out next week, new video out this week, ultimate move, I like it. Now the video, I wasn't really thrilled by the song, the first time I heard it, but I believed it was a grower. Just watching the video alone, the song has grown on me even more, I've never really been a fan of black and white videos, but this particular video was amazing, absolutely loved the concept, the rain washing down the black and white...perfecto! Not unexpected though, she always serves it hot with her videos.

Her new album "Human" comes out next week Tuesday, we are all getting a copy, right?


  1. fresh n fab u don't sleep! constantly serving up the latest gist! thanks a bunch...where would i be without u?lol

    love brandy's video, hope the single does well!

  2. why, thank u, that's why they call me fresh Lol, I hope it does well too and the album, I'm about to listen to it

  3. hey fresh wasnt able to load that video... but im sure shes fresh or you wouldnt have loaded it.

    Boi, Im still

  4. go bran, bran! i love the single/video


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