Friday, December 05, 2008

Old School Friday::[Actors Turned Singers]

Today's theme is "Actors Turned Singers; Singers Turned Actors", Great theme, My pick is Teyanna Ali, little Ashley from The Fresh prince of Bel Air. I picked her 1998 hit "Boy You Knock me Out" featuring Will Smith. This was actually my favorite song from her, and she was quite the singer, wasn't she? She had this big voice that came out from nowhere.

Have a great weekend guys and please stop by my other OSF'ers
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  1. happy new month mr fresh n fab'

  2. I remember the song and video. I remember thinking that it would have been better without Will but I understood the marketing. I think she could have gone far with better songwriters, you know she needed NeYo!
    Great pick!

  3. I gave Tatiana Ali a shout out on mine as well. She did do her thing...I wish she had some better publicity.

  4. i thought about her too, lol. She had to hits...i remember her song "Daydreaming" as well

  5. I have this album on cassette, it was fresh and fun. Great pic.

    Happy OSF.

  6. I have always liked little Ashley, um Tatyana Ali...

    Great choice!

  7. great pick - fresh and fab as usual!
    Ms. Ali is very talented.

  8. As you know I love OSF :) and you always do great posts about the themes.
    This is one more proof. Great pick
    Love it, hun.

    Hope you're having a fab weekend.


  9. I learned this dance..still know it >_<
    Her album was hot, too bad she didn't get the right promotion for it.
    I still bump most of those songs on there.


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