Sunday, December 14, 2008

Video: Plies - Family Straight

A new video from Plies on his upcoming album Da REAList which comes out on Dec. 16th. This dude is real random with his album releases. He drops a single then when you hear the second one, it's on a whole new album. Similar to what Rihanna did when she first came out. But this song is really different coming from him, not like his typical nastiness. If you're interested click here to Pre-Order.


Apparently he has 3 videos out for this album, LMAO. My bad y'all, he just doesn't receive his proper promotion. But I wish him luck with this latest release. According to Wiki he has this album coming out, along with another in 2009. He's been out since '07 and is about to have 4 albums under his belt, wow.

To stay updated visit him on: YouTube | MySpace | Plies World

1 comment:

  1. He's starting to become very attractive to me;
    don't know why o_O


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