Friday, January 30, 2009

American Idol Audition|Adeola & Jorge

Adeola-And I Am Telling You

Jorge-My Way

Okay so im watching the America Idol season 8 auditions today. I came across 2 autions that really stood out for me. Adeola was very likable, but what a terrible voice. And get this, she LEFT her job before audition because she was sure she was gonna be a star. It was seriously cringe worthy, i feel bad for her, poor girl didnt know she was that awful.

Jorge from Potorico on the other hand was simply magnificent, he really did sing from the heart and I believed every word, he has great potential.

{A little Rant}
And there was this girl, Her name was Jessica something, she was quite big and she was wearing pink, she claimed she won over 500 singing competition. But i'm outraged, they said her audition was terrible, but I thought she was amazing, I dont know why they did that. Im tryna find the damn youtube video, so this whole rants makes a bit of sense, but I cant find it. It was unfair, ill continue looking for it, so you can see what im talking about, for those who didn't watch it.


  1. i think all this is comedy! i get me a glass of wine and some popcorn and sit back.

  2. Not commenting often but always following as usual, hun.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I've a little thing for you there.

    Hope everything is ok and the studies are getting alright.

    Take care, all the best (I never forget you)


  3. yeah saw the episode.. hilarious for adeola.. like realli.. dont u listen to ur self wen u sing.. and she had to go and perform such a difficult song! cringe worthy i tell u!

    i totally agree with u on the jessica girl, i thot she sounded good maybe a lil over did but she still can sing.. i mean she got four no's and that guy with the freaky shirt got thru! how crazy!!!

  4. I am following AI this year, and I vow that it will be my last year...

    Mainly because they look before they listen. It is all about who can sell the most records by the way they look, rather than how they sing, and that bothers me. But of course, if they can sing too, that's a bonus...and that's awful!

  5. @ZARA, tell me about, very very cringe worthy, i felt for her, she was so confident she was

    @Marvalus, its the harsh reality of the industry i think, i mean you got to look if not the part, close to it. i blame the industry, its more about the look now, than the sound only on rare occasions is it different.

  6. i agree about the Jessica....... i was screaming... they let worse people thru

  7. Most of these people who audition and sound horrendous yet think they're the bomb must not be loved..
    That's all I can see.
    Cause i'm sorry, but if I know you and I KNOW you can't carry a tune,
    not even in a bucket,
    i'm gonna let you know before you go and make a fool of yourself on national television.


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