Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Beyonce New L'Oreal Ad

-Better than the last one, i must say


  1. loreal dont even come in real black people's skin tone! why they gonna front a black woman in their advertisement who's skin tone mimicks that of a mixed race/white woman, then claim to have a cosmetic range that appeals to women of colour when all the real women of colour that come into the beauty shop (where i work) completely walk past the loreal brand and crowd around Mac, bobby brown and fashion fair. obviously loreal doesnt have a foundation colour range that caters for everyone so why use beyonce to advetise this? why use beyonce to advertise hair colour aswell when beyonce's hair in the ad was obviously fake? (i.e. a weave)
    does no1 ever use actual models in their adverts any more? i do feel sorry for model coz celebrities have been competing in their business for a very long time now, theres no major endorsement deals for them anymore.

  2. why is she dark now, stupidness, they anoyed em with their last ad


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