Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Britney Spears To Change name of "EXPLICIT" Single or Radio are Threatening to Ban it

Britney Spears will rename her next single after claims the explicit song could be banned. The track was called "If You Seek Amy"- say it fast and it’s certainly and interesting invite.

But now she’s changed one letter and now it’s now titled ‘If You See Amy.’

Which given the provocative lyrics like “All the boys and the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy” mean that the song no longer makes sense.-Mtv News

Hmm, I personally don't see what the whole hype is about, if people didn't make it a big deal in the first place, then they wouldn't have been a problem, people sing about stuff like this all the time. And as for her so called "younger" fans, what about this, this and this, where were they then?

Listen to|If You Seek Amy


  1. abeg my dear, as i no too go school, na wetin 'if u seek amy' come mean? i said it fast, e no give me any certain & interesting invite oh. is 'if u seek amy' some coded language for 'come sex with me' or wetin?

  2. lol bbz

    "all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to" (F.U.C.K ME)

  3. This is a hot mess! Where was the parent when she release "I'm A Slave For U" and "Toxic"??! There are other popular artists that does cater to a younger audience. SMH!

  4. I dont understand all the commotion about the damn "K" in question. Well whatever works

    Hey fresh........where you at??

  5. @chi-chi, right. They have the cheek to mention "Younger fans" now.

  6. for younger fans with so called "innocent" minds (like me) - i still didnt get it when i said "if you seek amey" fast - that was until fresh and fab revealed the drity meaning. adult might have caught on, but "some" children would not, until all the adults start making a commotion about it then the kids will figure out it was really intended to sound like


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