Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kelly Rowalnd and Mathew Knowles Part Ways

The hot topic now in Blogsville now, is that Kelly Rowland has parted ways with her manager/Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles.

A highly placed source in Kelly Rowland’s camp exclusively tells Bossip she fired manager Mathew Knowles yesterday. The well positioned source tells Bossip a big argument went down and at the end, Kelly kicked her “Dad” to the curb. The source goes on to say this is sure to put a strain on Kelly and Beyonce’s

Not sure how true this is, but only time will tell, i mean theres been too much rumors circulating around the split of Kelly and Mathew. TIME WILL TELL.


  1. First of all, thats a gorgeous picture of her.

    My say on this is, I dont know if Kelly has the liver to lave the Knowles clan, after all they made her who she is today. So i think she would feel like, if she left them , till be an ungrateful act or something.

    I dont know what goes on behind the scenes, but from here it looks like Matthew puts Solange and Beyonce before any other person. And why shouldn't he, they are his kids.

    So its either Kelly has understood that and went to a place where she can be treated fairly or shes still yet to realize that.

    I just hope she sees sense and puts "KELLY" first, just Matthew is doing.

  2. It's about time, and if Beyonce doesn't understand then she wasn't a good friend to begin with. She should have stepped up when the other members had issue.

  3. No more pimping the girls. I have a feeling Beyonce is next.

  4. @anon, i hear what you are saying, there a lot of valid points there. I personally wish the story is true, because Kelly can be so so much more.

    @mrsg, its been a while since ive read you, lol. I doubt bey is going anywhere, she is benefiting the most.

  5. people just dont get it. kelly is wack. matthew is still not doing his job. but kelly can go to any racord company in the world and still not sell albums.beyonce works hard for everything she has. kelly is always overseas and on the beach. Kelly is lazy.

  6. ...this rumor is always going around. I'll believe it when i heard it straight from kelly herself

  7. I just read someone that she did leave matthew released a statement this morning saying they parted ways amicably and firs and foremost she is his daughter


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