Monday, January 19, 2009

Kelly Rowland Orange Warsaw Festival Performances//New Photoshoot

Like This/Comeback


Last month Kelly Rowland performed a couple of her songs including Work, This is love, Like this, Comeback and many more at the Orange Warsaw Festival in Poland. Nice performances, she wasn't sounding her best, but still very entertaining. Can you believe her and that guy, lucky lucky boy.

Check out some new shots of Kelly from an unknown photoshoot, she looks gorgeous.

More performances after the cut*

Kelly Rowland - Like This/Comeback

Kelly Rowland - Cant Nobody, Dilemma


  1. i luv her she looks so beautiful nd so talenetd.

  2. i love that first picture...the head shot! she is gawgeous! lol

  3. www Kelly looks great as usual...

    Long time love, how have u been?

  4. I loved that performance of "This is Love"...and I can't believe she performed it live. I guess she does read her Myspace feedback.

  5. How the hell does she keep getting work?


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