Monday, January 05, 2009

New Music: Rihanna feat. Chris Brown - Bad Girl

Bad Girl - Listen | Download

Okay, okay, I know i've been doing a lot of music post, i'll do pictures later. But these songs have been coming in like clockwork. This song is mediocre, well to me, it's kind of blah. Rihanna, who recently rereleased the rerelease of Good Girl Gone Bad as a remix album, hasn't reached that level of success where she can release anything and it becomes an instant smash. This is not yet listed as an official single, it may just be a demo. The song speaks on an addiction to the art of shopping and Rihanna's swagger jackers? I doubt if she wants to go there.. But the song features Chris Brown and he's not singing, he's rapping... Thoughts?

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  1. it has a hot beat. but its sad the only thing chris brown could rap about was her fashion. lol. he didnt say ne thing about her talent or record sales. lol. she dont want it wit bee

  2. If she rereleases that rerelease of a rerelease of a releaser, i'm gonna shank this chick :|
    As far as

  3. nah...blah. bad effort.


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