Thursday, January 29, 2009

NEW MUSIC::Rihanna Ft The Dream-Hatin’ On The Club

Check out a new track from Rihanna, the song is tiled "Hatin’ On The Club". The song features "The Dream" and didn't make the final cut of Rhianna's "Good Girl Gone Bad" reloaded album.

The song is meh, the beat is Fayah, but the song screams cheesy pop, and i dont think that's what they were going for with the album, hence Disturbia, Take a Bow and so on

Listen to|Rihanna Ft Dream-Hatin’ On The Club
Download|Rihanna Ft Dream-Hatin’ On The Club


  1. i like, lol... The track is HOT!! i can see myslef dance and singing to it.

  2. I adore Rihanna think it's cheesy? I'll have to listen ...that sucks if it is though.

  3. i don't like it, i see why i ain't make the album


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