Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OFFICIAL|Kelly Rowland Has Left Music World

OH MY,This was just sent in

"After a very positive meeting between Kelly Rowland and myself, we have amicably agreed to end our professional relationship. My company, Music World, will continue to manage Destiny's Child as a group. As an artist Kelly has incredible talent and I only wish her the best. We will always be family first and foremost, and as a dad I only have love for Kelly." ----Mathew Knowles

"Mathew Knowles has been a positive influence in my career. I have had great success under his guidance — both as a member of Destiny’s Child and with my solo projects. Although we have decided to part ways professionally, the Knowles family and the entire Music World Entertainment team will always be my family." ---Kelly Rowland-Source

All I can say is "Smart Girl", now I believe we can finally see what Kelly Rowland is capable off.


  1. I dont see Kelly's career getting better now.

  2. So if she still doesn't "blow up" as huge as some would like...then what?
    I guess...

  3. i was thinking about that uno, i hope she really does blow up, because all this time, it was because she didn't have promotion, Mathew favored whoever, this and that. it would be a bite in the ass or else

  4. Damn all I can say to this whole long overdue situation - Best of luck, Ms. Kelly.

  5. *handclaps*

    if he put half the energy into her career as he does into beyonce's...she would be soooo successful!

  6. Huuummmm, I love this line...
    "I have had great success under his guidance — both as a member of Destiny’s Child and with my solo projects."
    Yea, I must have missed that great solo success he helped her with!
    I hope she gets some awesome writers (maybe track down Neyo or something) because I always loved her voice and thought she had more singing ability than the others.
    BUT, he (MK) probably already put the word out and had her blacklisted!


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