Friday, January 16, 2009

Old School Friday::[Favorite Theme Show Song]

Hello Fresh and Fabulous readers, Hope everyone had a great week, you can finally put your feet up and enjoy the weekend (i cant wait). I don't know if you guys noticed our fantastic new banner, you like it right? It was made for us by the very creative Gabo of Dc Fans, he did a great job, he was the genius behind the last banner too. Thank you GABO

The Parkers

Now down to Business, Todays OSF is all about "Your favorite theme show song", i have alot, I narrowed it down to two, what do you think?

One on One

Sister Sister (Squeezed one more in)

Both great shows, even better theme tunes.

Have a great weekend and dont forget to show my fellow Osf'ers some love.
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  1. Hey, I’m back for OSF and my choices are up!

    The mother/daughter team on The Parkers was hysterical. I’ll admit I have watched that more than once. ;)

  2. Great picks. Really like the Parkers theme. Come back to SjP's and hit "the more of the truth" and you'll see the rest ::smile::

  3. I love the Parkers! They make me laugh so hard. Great picks. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Great picks! I really liked One on One and Sister, Sister! I have never been a fan of The Parkers.

    LOVE the new look!

  5. I forgot about Sister Sister. I really like Tim Reid, ever since WKRP. I wish they would issue Frank's Place on DVD.

  6. The, that show made me giggle!

    I love the theme to One on One...Shanice!!!

  7. I finally got mine up..whew...long day..

    Love your choices fresh and digging dat new banner mon!

    Shanice has the voice!

  8. I will definitely have to go with the Sister Sister one. Those two have really grown up!

    Happy OSF!

  9. OMG! Loving your picks and your blog. The Parkers should go down in history as one of the more sustainable spin offs....

    I did a UPN show as well..Homeboys in out of Space.

  10. FAB!!!!!!!!!!
    Hun, hope everything is ok.
    I've been busy, so I'm not commnting often, but I always give a look to your posts.

    But you know that OSF are a must for me ;)

    Great choices, hun. Love them

    So take care, and all the best


  11. Sorry i couldn't make it on Friday, but i love this theme song...especially Kim's laugh at the end!


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