Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alexandra Burke Signs Mega Bucks US Deal

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is following the footsteps of former Xfactor winner Leona Lewis, by bagging mega bucks US record deal with Sony.

ALEXANDRA BURKE has triumphed again by bagging a £3million US record deal.
Top label Epic swooped after her Christmas single Hallelujah smashed sales records.

When she finalised the contract this week, Londoner Alex told me: “I’d love to crack the US...her contract with Epic is for up to an impressive five albums. Alex is flying over to the States next month to meet with X Factor boss SIMON COWELL, who will be involved in her bid to make it big.

He is determined to help her follow in 2006 winner LEONA LEWIS’ footsteps to top charts across the globe.
Alex is already on the right path. Thousands of Americans watched internet footage of her performance with Beyonce from the show finals in December.

Last night an industry insider said: “Epic think Alexandra can follow in Leona’s footsteps.
“The US market loves women with big voices — and Alex certainly has that. If she comes close to Leona’s success it will be a job well done.”
-Source|The Sun

Her debut album is set for a November 2009 release and its been reported that the like of Diddy and Timbaland have shown interest in working with Aklexandra. Im so proud of her, she wont let the UK down, I'm quite sure of that. The UK are really coming out aren't they? Love it!!!

After the jump, read what Alex had to say about all this

Current mood: determined
Oh my god !!! I cannot believe I have been given a deal in the US!!!!!
Its just so exciting and I cant even explain how it feels. Im just so
happy and of course, so emotional lol!! Cracking America will be another
one of my lifelong dreams that is coming true and I just cant wait to
get in that studio to start recording and really getting stuck into it!
Everything is still really early days yet and so much is happening so I
am still trying to take it all in but I am just on cloud 9 right now!
Simon has been great and its so good to know he has a lot of faith in
me! I promise I will make him and all of you proud!-Source|Alexandra's Offical Myspace

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  1. I'm so happy for her. Obviously her music is gonna be different to Leona's. If it's true that the likes of Diddy and Timbaland want to work with her, then she is certainly in there with a good chance of making it big.


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