Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Christina Milian Covers "King" Magazine

Christina Milian is on the 50th Issue of "King Magazine", she looks great. Her new album "Dream in Colour" comes out April 2009. Im so mad her single "Us Against The World" got slept on, that was a really hot song and video and deserved more than it got, she needs to come out with something equally as hot as a 2nd single and her label better promote her, shes too much of a good artist to be this underrated.


  1. She looks really good on this cover. I admire her tenacity-she stays in the game even if no one is giving her the attention she may have earned.

  2. you are right, home girl is being slept on, but her label don't do a good job of promoting her. I don't see her videos on tv and don't hear them on the radio.

  3. I knoooow! She's sooooooo underrated.


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