Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ciara and Letoya Luckett To Release Album on The Same Day

Ciara recently confirmed on the ed lover radio show that her new album "Fantasy Ride"will be released on April 7th, same day as Letoya Luckett's "Lady love.

So this is the battle of the RnB divas, Ciara vs Letoya Luckett, who do you think will come out on top?

After so many push backs, I'm just happy that Ciara is finally releasing her album, as for which one I'm getting, its will probably be Lady Love. Because I haven't really been impressed by the songs that I've heard thus far from Ciara, even all the songs that leaked last year, nothing has really thrilled me. Her last album was hot and Ive been anticipating her for a long time, and with her new single "Not Anymore" it more than sealed the deal. I cant wait


  1. I think I'll get Letoya's. But i may get Ciara's too

  2. I've heard from sources that they have both been pushed back, to May 19th, along with Teairra MarĂ­'s project.

  3. wow this is old and they ended up coming out at wat different times but it doesn't matter. cici still sold more like i thought!!


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