Friday, February 27, 2009

Jennifer Hudson on Oprah Performance + Interveiw

Earlier today (27th February 2009), Jennifer Hudson was a guest on The Oprah Whinfrey Show, she talked about winning her Grammys 2 weeks ago and her Oscars, her upcoming tour (March 31st with Robin Thicke, doing 20 cities) as well as a performance of her new single "If This isn't Love"

Jennifer looked stunning as she always does and gave a great performance, I'm glad shes happy and she's in a better place now doing what she does best,very brave girl.

Random observation:I haven't seen Oprah's show in a minute, we actually don't get her show here, so this is the first time I'm seeing her in a while and my my has she put on a couple of pounds, shes enjoying those cheeseburgers a little too much, whatever happened to that healthy eating thing or whatever it was, she had going, back in the day lol, she needs to run to the gym, shes getting out of hand...lmao!!!


  1. I loved it...
    then again I love that song so
    She looked so nice.
    I'm gonna try and go see her...
    well if she comes here.

  2. This was a very real interview, and a good performance


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