Friday, February 27, 2009

Rihanna Spotted in Mexico

After 3 weeks on being assaulted by her Boyfriend, Rihanna was seen a cooling off in Mexico a day after her 21st birthday, which was a couple of days ago.

well, it looks like her face has completely healed, but her heart is probably still bleeding. I read he showered her with gifts for her 21st, and allegedly, she cant do without him and is contemplating taking him back. If she does that, it will be the biggest mistake she ever made, because the public will turn on her ass as quickly you can umbrella! But I bet that story is a pack of s*** anyway, Chris knows to keep his distance, theres already a facebook group called "I Want to Fight Chris Brown", which I'm a member of, so if he tries any foolishness, hes gonna get it.

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