Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beyonce's "Crystal Geyser Water" Commercial

Peep Beyoncé in a Japanese TV-Commercial for Crystal water. The Featured song is "Sweet Dreams" by Beyoncé (from the album "I Am...Sasha Fierce" 2008.

WOW!!! That was really hot, she looked absolutely stunning and was working every second of that ad. The haters have already started saying she copied Rihanna's "Umbrella" with the dancing in the water. Give her a break, it only made sense to do that, after all it is a "Water" ad.


  1. UR ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! WOW IS RIGHT...SHE LOOKS HAWT! AND MY GOD DID SHE WORK THAT OUT...LOL...THERE'S ONLY ONE BEYONCE THAT CAN PERFORM AND BRING SO MUCH FIERCENESS TO A WATER COMMERCIAL...those bottles of water must b going off the shelves like her record, fast fast fast...i aint mad at u Beyonce.

  2. i had to rewind that for a min, Check out that walk at the beginging. Flyest chick in the game

  3. I fucking love it man

  4. They act as if SHE came up with the concept for the commercial.
    Folks hate her, can't tell you why, so they just come up with anything no matter what she does.
    I wish she had made a vid for that song.
    That was one of my faves.


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