Friday, March 27, 2009

Beyoncé's First Stop... Edmonton!! [Updates]

American Diva, Beyoncé Knowles, kicked off her "I Am..." World Tour last night in Edmonton, Canada. She performed some of her new songs, as well as previous classics and a 7 song tribute to her former group Destiny's Child. According to press, the performance was like a "paid-rehearsal" it was flawless, she missed no cues, nor notes, or moves. She was simply fierce! Beyoncé performed and entertained on two different stages, while walking through the crowd (with her bodyguard) to move to one, and even flying over the audience on ropes performing summersaults and other circus like moves. Below are pictures and after the jump are a few good videos of the opening night and the setlist of Beyoncé's tour!

UPDATE: Husband Jay-Z was spotted in the audience singing along for her opening night!

Jay-Z Watching Beyoncé / Bee performing Baby Boy:

This was a NO MEDIA event, so there aren't any HQ vids/pics.

Beyoncé performing Diva:


Beyoncé performing Halo & If I Were a Boy:


Beyoncé performing At Last:

Beyoncé performing In the Arms of an Angel:

Beyoncé performing Single Ladies (PAROI):

Sony BMG is snatching these videos up,
so you might have to go on YouTube yourself.

The CURRENT setlist is as follows:

1. Sweet Dreams
2. Crazy In Love
3. Sax Solo
4. Naughty Girl / I Love To Love You Baby
5. Freakum Dress
6. Guitar Solo
7. Get Me Bodied
8. Smash Into You
9. Satellites
10. Ave Maria
11. In the Arms Of An Angel (Sarah McLachlan cover)
12. Halo
13. If I Were A Boy / You Oughta Know / If I Were A Boy
14. Diva
15. Single Ladies Snippet / Radio
16. Me, Myself And I
17. Ego
18. Hello
19. Deja Vu
20. You Dont Love Me (No No No)
21. Irreplaceable
22. Dc Medley (Bootylicious / Jumpin’ Jumpin’)
23. Upgrade U
24. Video Phone
25. DC Medley (Say My Name / Independent Woman Part 1 / No No No / Survivor)
26. At Last
27. Listen
28. Broken-Hearted Girl
29. Scared Of Lonely
30. Piano Interlude
31. Dangerously In Love / Sweet Love
32. Single Ladies
33. Flaws And All

It's sure to change from country to country, i'm just excited!! Lol.. More coming soon.


  1. OMG !!! the Diva Performance was HOT !!!

    ----------------Queen B.

  2. OMG!!!!!!I heart fresh&fab

  3. She looks like she is dancing with some female versions of 3CPO from 'Star Wars'

  4. THAT LOOKS HOT!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, i can't wait for a DVD cuz i cant go/ :(

  5. Still don't like 'Diva', but I see she's doin' her thing.
    Goooooooo Bey!

  6. have THE BEST sources! lol...i LOVE B-E-Y-O-N-C-E!


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