Monday, March 02, 2009

Chris Brown, Having The Time of His Life in Maimi

Chris Brown was spotted last week spending one-on-one time at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Star Island mansion in Miami Beach. He was also spotted there again yesterday, with his family and Rihanna’s friends at the same location.

{1st March 2008}

{27 February 2009}

Instead on going under the radar for a while, hes having the time of his life on the beach. I don't blame him anyway, Rihanna took him back, so basically spat on the faces of everyone who supported her. I cant believe she took him back, some say its love, and when your in love you cant end a relationship on the basis of "He hit me once". I say, when he hits you once, he's damn sure gonna do it again, because you let him get away with doing it the first time, and thats how that starts.

I cant say I'm not disappointed, she has let down so many girls, who are going through the same thing and are fan of hers, what are they meant to think? Rihanna, when he breaks your arm the next time, I'll be one of the first blogs to post it! harsh but so true


  1. Anywhooo...
    Love the new banner!
    Ciara and Kelly look so purrtyfull :-)


  3. I think they are both young and dealing with the huge pressure that comes with success on young shoulders.

    The issues regarding not repeating learned behaviour (domestic violence in Chris's background) are pretty complex and can take time to deal with. If it's a one-off as it may well be, Chris deserves a second chance. Only Rihanna can make the right decision for herself.


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