Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ciara "Fantasy Ride" Album Cover

The artwork for Ciara's new album "Fantasy Ride" was recently unveiled. You can check it out below.

Hmm, I'm not feeling this, this is not exciting at all, when I think "Fantasy Ride", this doesn't come to mind, the picture is okay, but everything else sucks. They have over a month to come up with another cover, because this is not doing it at all.

"Fantasy Ride" comes out May 5th


  1. How about you have over a month to get over it?

    She looks beautiful. Since when does an album cover determine the quality of an album? smh

  2. I was picturing something different.
    I guess.

  3. @Anonymous, i didnt say "an album cover determines the quality of the album", don't misquote me. what im basically saying is, the cover, doesn't fit the "suppose" theme of the album.

  4. not the look i like...either..she looks like an older lil mama...

  5. I agree with Fresh&Fab, he didnt said this.
    I think the cover are too clear


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