Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ciara's "Love, Sex and Magic" Video Snaps//New PROMO's


Above is aCheck out a picture from the set of Ciara and Justin Timberlake's new video for "Love, Sex and Magic", as well as some new promo shots for her album "Fantasy Ride", which comes out May 5th.
The first promo picture reminds me of something Beyonce did for her last album, I was trying to find the pic for you guys, but getting nowhere check it out below, quite similar right? Anyway, She looks really good,to be honest, I'm not that hyped about her new album. "Never Ever" was okay, "Go Girl" was a mess and I'm not really feeling "Love, Sex and Magic" but I am looking forward to the video.

"Fantasy Ride" comes out May 5th.


  1. WTF is Beyonce doing? He photo is wack

  2. Ciara's photo is similar, so why isn't hers "wack" as well.
    Ohhh, I know why.
    Everything Beyonce does is "wack".

    I haven't even listened to that new song yet..probably won't.

  3. yeah !!! beyonce did her thing !!
    and know cici comes copy it
    but still love both of them

    Queen B & Cici

  4. Who gives a fluk everything is repeat.

  5. I don't know why Ciara feels she needs to compete with Beyounce. They appeal to two very different audiences.
    Ciara is making herself look foolish with this whole competition and losing respect, and I am not even a beyounce fan!

  6. both looks r stupid!!!!! Ciara could have copied a good thing, not a bad one.

    i enjoyed d song ciara did with enrique. lovely song

  7. This industry is swagger jackin from the past anyway..Not the artists fault

  8. who f'n cares. They're both trying to make a buck. Hardly anything is original anymore. Ciara looks unreal in the video!


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