Friday, March 13, 2009

Concerts: Solange Performs in New Orleans!

So Wednesday, I had the honor to get an up close look at Solange's performance. She recently wrapped up her tour with Estelle, and I had the honor of being there to witness the second to last show (New Orleans). Amazing! Although I didn't stay for Estelle, Solange gave us everything we needed out of her performance. She covered a good bit of my favs from her album including "Cosmic Journey, Would've Been The One, T.O.N.Y and I Decided" Above is a picture of her speaking to the audience peep a few more below, and check out an exclusive video (Cosmic Journey) when you Read More! Oh, and she even jumped into the audience for I Decided.

Picture aren't the best quality, I was trying to record/take pictures and sing along too, LOL! Remember, click the "Read More" link to check out the video(s).

Click the "HQ" button to see the video in its full potential. More videos will be added, so keep posted.

I also did an interview over the weekend with Chester Gregory, which I will be posting later tonight or tomorrow.

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