Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day26 "Forever in a Day" Album Cover

UPDATE: This is the real cover, not the one below.

"Forever in a Day" is the new album from Day26, the art work for the cd recently made its debut online, check it out above. I dont like it, they look too dysfunctional, the other guy is lost in the back, so is the other one in the left hand corner, why?

"Forever in a Day" comes out April 14th


  1. They all look...tired.
    This better be something someone was working on and they weren't finished and someone else sent it out by mistake.
    If this is the finished cover...

  2. I think this bottom one was the real one at first but when they saw how much people hated it they decided to change
    Ok, I can deal with the top one :)


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