Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Dream's Album Release Party//Defends Christina's Hair

The Dream Album Release Party was last night at the "Promenade" in New York and Christina Milian was there, still rocking her blond hairdo. Also at a recent interview, The Dream talked about his new album "Love vs Money", as well as addressing a few issues regarding his girlfriend Christina Milian:

Uh, duly noted. Recently, your girlfriend Christina Milian has caught a lot of heat over the pictures she took at the Atlanta Hawks game.
Dream:Oh yeah, they hate her. [But] I love it. Cause evidently, we controlling the airwaves right now. People that can’t hate on me are going to hate on her.

You think that’s what it is?
Dream:I don’t get it! Me and her had this conversation, “Like what the hell are they looking at? Like, maybe it’s something wrong with they computer screen and maybe Rasputia comes up every time they looking at you,” cause I don’t know, I have no idea. Like, I think something is wrong. When we go out the country they go crazy [for her]. I get back here, I read a blog— it makes no sense.

It seems much of criticism comes from the blonde dye job.
Dream:That sh*t look good to me. She is an artist. She changed her hair color cause she wanted to change it. I aint have sh*t to do with it. Why I look like walking around making someone change their hair color. Like y’all aint got nothing to do.

Did you feel some sort of way about Johntá Austin, Jermaine Dupri, and Usher were clowning her?
Dream:Hmm mmm, of course I did. I called all of them. First person I called was Johntá Austin.

What did he say?
He ain’t know she was over here with Radio Killa like that, but I’m like in any event why are y’all, Grammy winning, critically-acclaimed songwriters, gentleman— It doesn’t make any sense to do that. I didn’t get it. I really didn’t get it. That’s like me doing that. Maybe I just have an ego that’s going to make me come down off my horse to talk about you. It’s not going to happen. Even in the cross of saying anything back, everybody calling “Hey man, what you going to—” Man, I ain’t saying nothing. I’m me. I’ll say everything I want to say on the left side of Billboard charts.

Did you speak to Usher?
He called me and told me he was sorry and or whatever. But she on Radio Killa. She feel a certain way about it, then I’m good on you. We can’t even work...And to clear this up, “Oh, she f**kin’ for tracks” and this sh*t, I be like these muthaf**kas must be stupid. It’s a recession ain’t nobody got to f**k for tracks. We basically giving them away. There’s a clearance!

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