Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ellen goes off on Diddy about Letting Rihanna and Chris Lodge at His Mansion

Diddy was on The Ellen Degenres show a couple of days ago, The conversation moved from "Twitter" to Why diddy let Chris Browan and Rihanna stay at his Miami mansion.

The Drama starts at 4:30, she was basically saying why would Diddy allow Chris and Rihanna to stay at his house, when he knew their situation and how she doesn't support women going back to men that hit on and so fort.

Well it doesn't really matter what house they stayed, they would have still got together regardless, so Diddy letting him use his mansion is nothing. I don't think she should have called him out like that, you could tell he was intimidated. But I couldn't care less about Chris Brown and Rihanna any more, any story to do with their negative press bores me to post.

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