Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kanye West Crushing on Keri Hilson HARD!!!

Peep Kanye West and Keri Hilson on the set of the short film/commercial for her song "Make Love".

Lol wow! He was over feeling her, The funny part was that, he wasn't even tryna hide it, all rubbing up on her shoulders and ish, she looked uncomfortable or maybe it was "hard to get" I don't know, but it was hilarious.

"In a Perfect World" comes out March 24th


  1. Keri Hilson is a beaut and she is definitely classier than that Amber character.

  2. uhmmmm May 24th or March 24


  3. She does seem like she is uncomfortable..

  4. lol....he was soooooo eyeing her at the end like he wanted to kiss

  5. Ummm, AWKWARD!!!

    And I still don't understand the big deal behind this woman. Really, I don't. Talented songwriter, but I prefer her as a 'hook" girl. And even then sometimes I am like - ENOUGH! She is easy on the eyes


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