Monday, March 30, 2009

Kelly Rowland DROPPED By Label!!! "No longer commercially viable"

Former DESTINY'S CHILD star KELLY ROWLAND has reportedly been dropped by her record label, just two months after firing her manager, former band mate BEYONCE KNOWLES' dad.
Despite the fact her first two solo albums sold more than four million copies, British tabloid News of The World reports the Dilemma singer has been dumped by bosses at Columbia, because they fear she is "no longer commercially viable".-Contact Music

"NOT COMMERCIALLY VIABLE", They are having a laugh, aren't they? I personally think Kelly can be as big as Beyonce with the right push, she has got it all, the voice, the look, she is more than commercially viable, its her management/label that are letting her down. This story hasn't been officially confirmed yet, so it might as well be a rumor. But if it is, they are really trippin.


  1. Hi F&F, hun, hope everything is ok.

    Thanks for your comments, you're always kind.

    The pool is here
    but I think it's over, dear.

    Anyway thank you for your thought.



  2. I saw it coming when she fired her manager! So what about Destiny's Child?

  3. I really hope she gets a good deal with another label. There's more to come from Ms Rowland if she has the right team behind her.

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  5. Did we not see this coming???
    I have always thought that Kelly's voice was better than Beyonce but of course Kelly's dad was not the manager!!
    Given the right management, label and SONG WRITERS I think she can go far.

  6. Kelly's last album flopped big time, so I can perfectly understand this decision.

    There's lots of people in the world who's got a great voice and stage presence, but sometimes something more is necessary to be succesful. Something which, in my opinon, Kelly doesn't have.

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  8. i really hope that this is not true; kelly is really popular internationally so i doubt that it is...

  9. i agree she has got te voice, talent and all....but she hasnt gotten the right posture...her bump it was to beyonce like...she needs to become her own person...

    That siad...i hope this isnt true

  10. daz just bullshit. couldn't they have tot of something more politically correct or even nice to say, as they always do. not commerically viable, my ass. guess Beyonce's dad don't take lightly to be dropped


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