Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lady Gaga:Has been Stopped By Police For indecent exposure//Was once a stripper

Lady Gaga revealed she was once stopped in the street for "Indecent Exposure" and she was once a stripper.

Lady GaGa recently admitted, on a trip to Chicago dressed in miniscule hotpants, she was stopped by local police accusing her of indecent exposure. She spilled the beans to Contact music "I guess they weren't really pants at all," she continued "But it was really funny because all you saw was this half-naked girl on the street yelling at some cop, 'It's fashion! I'm an artist!' It was fun. It's not that I don't like pants. I just choose not to wear them some days. I think no pants is sexy. I love the naked human body. I was working in strip clubs when I was 18."

You can love the naked body as much as you want but not everyone wants to see you glutes hanging out in the street, Does she even own a pair of jeans?


  1. to her owning a pair of jeans: I doubt that fresh....I SERIOUSLY doubt that

  2. hey asshole why dont you give lady gaga a break. shes a 22 year old girl who wants to bring on a new fashion in the world and wants to have fun. besdies shes probably going to be the most famous and popular pop diva in the world in the next year or two. so stop bing such a faggot and complaining about her beautiful body and ass and get on with your life you bitch. give her a break

  3. dude this is the other Brian Pascullo in ALBUQUERQUE and I AGREE WITH YOU!


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