Monday, March 23, 2009

NEW VIDEO|Ciara Ft.Justin Timberlake-Love Sex Magic

Check out the full verson of Ciara's new video featuring Justin Timberlake "Love Sex Magic".

This is the first single taken from her upcoming album "Fantasy Ride" which comes out May 5th.

WOW!!! That was an amazing video, Ciara really did her thing on that, this will definitely go down as one of the best video of 2009, peeps are gonna have to try real hard to knock that off the top. Go Ciara!!!


  1. oh no - its shocking to see this side to ciara. but isnt it odd... first rhianna + justin do a video, now ci-ci and justin do a video. i know somebody here looks like a copycat lol

  2. OMG!!! did she just grab his crotch in this video caption?! lucky girl!

  3. I think cici is a copycat !!!

    The video is HOT but,
    she copy the style of the upcoming music video of EGO from Beyonce

  4. She's definitely a copy cat...and the video's too nasty for mainstream pop...what is wrong with her? She looks like a hoochie...disgusting...she needs to stop trying to copy Beyonce cuz she aint doing a good job cuz Beyonce wudve done that with class without a doubt and Ciara was WAY OFF!

  5. too nasty?
    cmon ¬¬
    I loved the video, great effects, specially when they put the lights over ciara's body in the dark, looks like... MAGIC! ;D
    great video, and im feelin the track... no that much... still... x)

  6. right

    I love Ci and JT fire combo..too freaky for TV haha.


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