Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Out and About With:Aubrey, Bow Wow, Fantasia, Lil Kim and More

Aubrey O'Day was photoed in Malibu yesterday when she attended Barbie's 50th Birthday bash.

Lil Kim was spotted yesterday as she dines with friend at Katsuya Hollywood.

Beyonce was spotted yesterday leaving her apartment in downtown Manhattan.

Fantasia Barrino was spotted a photo call yesterday, she will reprise her lead role of Celie in the first North American touring production of ‘The Color Purple’ at the Kennedy Center.

Bow Wow celebrated his 22nd birthday 2 nights ago at shin-dig at Studio 54 in Las Vegas Blvd.


  1. I know Lil Kim is short, but she looks like a friggin' midget in that pic o.O

  2. Kim looks good; FINALLY!!!

  3. Why is Bow Wow always celebrating his birthday? Its getting to be like every week.

  4. Aubrey looks good from the neck downwards, hair face and everything else look a hot mess

  5. damn bow wow u are sexy.keep doing watcha doin


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