Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Usher, Brian Michael Cox,Johnta Austin and Jermaine Dupree Ridicule Christina Milian

SO 4 grown azz men sat down and decided the topic of their discussion was going to be "Christina Milian's Look". In a recent YouTube blog, "The Ocean 5" Jermaine Dupri, Usher, Brain Cox, Johnta Austin & Tyrone recorded a video of them at the studio, basically bitching about reacting to Christina Milian’s new blond hair and Rihanna taking Chris Brown Back.

A Couple of Quotes:

Johnta: "This is Christina Milian looking like a damn fool"
"That's not what she's supposed to be doing"
Usher:"can we make a unanimous decision, that aint it, that aint it
Jonhta:I used to think Christina Milian was hot, I used to want to take her to bed. She couldn't even get a ride to the bus station from me, looking like this right now"
Tyrone: "she looks like she's at the bus station"
Johnta: " I need a drink now, watching bullshit like this"

Then they later bitched about Rihanna taking Chris Brown back calling them the new "Ike and Tina, Then Usher added, Chris Brown isn't showing any remorse because he's been jet skiing in Maimi.

Although not many people liked it, Christina wore her hair they way she wanted to, she liked it, its her hair. So for them to sit down and ridicule her like that, its highly unacceptable, quite sad to be honest.

Usher is really one to talk, his last album "Here I Stand" excluding his d├ębut, was one of his worst selling albums to date, so instead of him to go and look after his kid, he's sitting there talking about women that are out of his league. Not to take it there, but his wife is really something to run home to isn't she? After she almost lost her life last month undergoing plastic surgery. Usher? you didn't catch much videos of that on youtube, now did you? They all need to grow up!!

UPDATE:Usher has issued a statement, apologising for his recent comments-MTV News


  1. Well I agree with them about her hair. It's their opinion like it's mine but they look real stupid by making a blog about it. Like you said, four grown men! But if she likes it, then it's fine. It's her hair. I just think she looked gorgeous before it!

  2. Christina Milian does look like a hot piece of mess, which car done run she over now ???? lol lol The blonde hair aint working sister your black not white why why why ?????? I agree to ever thing they have to say about everyone. To chris brown and rihanna thats a lose case not gettin into tha, cause it does up set me. Rihanna needed to make a example to all young gilrs around the world that are in abusive relationships.By rushing back to chris brown is like sending a message to young girls if there man beat them its okay cause he loves her. BULLLL SHIIITTTT...... didnt she see Whitney and Tina??????

  3. I found the video hilarious.
    A lot of people caught feelings behind it.
    I don't know why.
    They were basically saying things that most of us would say if we were with our people.
    Don't know what the big deal was.

  4. I just posted about this too; ...they were funny but it's kind of tacky for celebs to talk about each other publicly like this...leave that up to us bloggers

  5. @quick, exactly!!! The big deal is that they r celebs botching about each other. So self respectful celeb does it, it's very tacky indeed


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