Friday, March 20, 2009

VIDEO PREVIEW::Ciara-Love, Sex and Magic

Check out an 80 seconds teaser of Ciara's video for her new single "Love, Sex and Magic" featuring Justin Timberlake.

You can also check out 2 exclusive pictures from the video, courtesy of Ciaraworld. I've been saying it, this video is going to be fire, the full video premieres next week Monday (March 23rd).

Fantasy Ride comes out May 5th.


  1. wow, she looks great and sounds even better....

  2. She just got extra comfortable with her body. What happened to the baggy look. I can't say I like the song right now, but the video is hot. makes me want to go to the jungle and sing from a vine...

  3. This video is going to be madd sexy


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