Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Chris Brown:Depressed, Loosing Weight and on the Bottle

Instead of singing "Take You Down" sources say embattled singer/songwriter Chris Brown is depressed, down and supposedly drinking !

Just hours after quietly pleading "not guilty your honor" in a Los Angeles area courtroom, rumors that Brown is depressed and down picked up steam. "He has lost a lot of weight, about 15 lbs," a source told X17online. But the surprising tidbit the source goes on to say is Brown's rumored drinking problem.

"I do know that Chris Brown is also in a depression and is drinking a lot. He almost got his butt kicked about a week (ago)," says the source.While the unidentified source may be within his or her rights to suggest Brown is depressed, the rumor that Brown has a drinking problem is quite a feat considering the singer is just 19.

"It's really hard for him to focus right now on his music, even though he really wants to," the Transformers star told reporters in March.-source

This is not good for him at all, He thinks he can drink the problem away, but liquor only makes things worse. I hope he has learnt his lesson and can be able to savage his career.

Chris is due back in court April 29 for a preliminary hearing.

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  1. I could give a shit. I am so through with celebrities like chris and rihanna. They may not know better but i do. She is stupid and so is he. We should be tired of idolizing people like chris and rihanna. He beat the shit out of her and 60% of americans dont give a fuck because they want his new album. BULLSHIT. You guys can go ahead worship people like these dumbasses. Like them and lindsay lohan and give them all of your money so that they can go and buy new mansions and $500,000 mercedes But i refuse to. I am so much better than that. They're are people dying everyday and every single time i turn on the t.v it is about chris brown. I would never liet my brothers and sisters listen to either of them. America needs to wake up. All we do is smoke weed,Spend money and support garbage like these celebs. No wonder the world hates us.


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