Friday, April 24, 2009

Danity Kane BACK TOGETHER!!!

For the Season Finale of "Making The Band", which took place yesterday live in New York City. The girls excluding Aundrea talked break-up, solo carriers and possible reunion.

So Audrea didn't make it, she really should have, but I understand. There were rumors saying that the group were secretly working on an album titled "From The Ashes", I guess its safe to squash that one, they all look like they still have major issues with each other. Did you notice the tension between Aubrey and Dawn? I have a feeling those two didn't get along at all, they didn't even look each other in the eye.

Dawn looked very cute by the way, so did Aubrey surprisingly, and Shannon too, actually they all looked great. The looks were carefully planned, I'm sure no one wanted to look a mess there, it would have showed signs of defeat! All in all, it looks like Aubrey is doing the best out of all the girls, a new reality show which she is co executive producer. I wish them all luck!!!!


  1. I hate DAWN's hair.Thats just me. The show i thought was wack, i was expecting them to spill all the beans but i guess not. Aubrey i think will be the one to have the most success with everything as time go on.

  2. it really doesnt matter to me if they make it or not....none of P.diddy groups stay together anyways......


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