Monday, April 13, 2009

Day26 Still Fighting!

Lmao at "Aubrey Been gone from Danity Kane, why is she is Day26"


  1. omg... these girls look eniterly different without makeup. make up does wonders for them, so y would they appear on tv without it? lol

  2. these boys...they are officially a disgrace - diddy should fire thier asses...

  3. awww such sweet ending, such emotion, striaght talking, to solve their problems. this is what they should have done from the beginning instead of swabbling like little boys (why do they always gang up on Q? - seems like bullying to me)
    the guy who walked out at the end during Q emotional speech/apology is an immature lil prick... that kind of attitude is what destroys a band.

  4. dang......I was really into this damn thing as if I was wishing someone pass a damn


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