Sunday, April 05, 2009

Karina Pasain Covers Beyonce's "Halo"

Singer Karina Pasain covered Beyonce's "Halo" recently on RAWsessions TV. This girl is very talented, if you haven't picked up her debut "First Love", you need to check it out.

She has a great voice and sang the song well, but I wasn't too keen on all the different acrobats she put in the song, I know you're supposed to make a song your own and everything, but this was a tad too much.

After the jump is a performance of "Slow Motion"*

Slow Motion Live RawsessionsTV


  1. Love Karina's talent she really needs to be bigger. Although her 1st album was for the teen audience i was glad she aimed at her target age group since she that age..

    Very mature voice she gotta have a miss thang/A. Keys styled album with that cool mix..
    No pop foolishness for her vocals

  2. She sounds very good. Good Voice control


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