Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Promo: Beyoncé Promotes Obsessed and Halo

Above, Beyoncé performed Halo after and Interview on The Today Show. Bey has really been on her grind this week, making countless appearances in efforts of helping Halo enter the Top 10 and to have success from Obsessed (which I think she has under!) Check out in interview below.. and after the jump see her great interview on "The View"


  1. She's the greatest performer of our generation and undoubtedly one of the best artists of our generation...she's so talented and so down to earth. She's a true role model for women everywhere...women want to be like her and men want to be with her, after all these years, this is still u go Beyonce!

  2. yeah your right mo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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