Thursday, April 02, 2009


Check out the new video from Jade Ewen, the song is titled "My Time" and is the UK's entry for the 2009 Eurovison Song Contest.

I posted some videos of her last year, she really impressed me on "Eurovision 2009: Your Country Needs You", the girl has unbelievable talent, she is an amazing singer and I pray she does well.

UK either comes last or 2nd to last in The Eurovison Song Contest and it has been this way for a while. They vote the person to represent the country, then when they loose they rip them into shreds. Eurovison will either make or break her, If Jade can achieve at least top ten, she'll go down as one of the better contestants, because the UK hasn't neared top ten is years, its either last or 2nd to last. Roll on May lets see what she's all about, I wish her well.

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