Friday, May 01, 2009

Album Scans: Check Out The Artwork For Ciara's "Fantasy Ride"

Ciara's new album "Fantasy Ride" is due out next week tuesday "May 5th" check out some more of the artwork used for the album.

WOW, Loving all that. I remember watching a video on YouTube sometime last year saying how she spend almost one year making her artwork for the album, and now i see, this must have taken alot of time. What I don't understand is what went wrong with the actual album cover, isn't that the most important one?. But now I see, I love the futuristic thing she has going on, it looks amazing, I wish they put more effort into the album cover.

Fantasy Ride comes out May 5th


  1. did ciara have boob implants? since when did she have average sized boobs, compared to what she looked like in her first video "goodies"...

  2. I actually think the pictures look great. The futuristic thing works for me.


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