Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Couple Alert! Keyshia Cole & Daniel Gibson

Move over Reggie and Kim, theres a new couple in town! Over the weekend [May 15th], Keyhsia Cole and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel "Boobie" Gibson were photoed outside one of Keyhsia's sold out concert dates in Chicago. Check out some more shots below:

So sweet, no word on how long they have been dating but rumors say its been a while now.


  1. aw im so proud of keyshia. she finally started her own tour and shes looks good.hope this relationship last unlike the one she had wit young joc

  2. Aww...maybe her music will be happier now! lol

  3. Dude's cute..real cute.
    Keyshia got herself a nice one.

  4. She wasnt with Young Joc...It was Young Jeezy....get it right

  5. im glad that Keyshia cole found someone that is right for her


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