Friday, May 01, 2009

Video Premiere: Trey Songz-"I Need a Girl"

Check out the latest music video from Trey Songz, "I Need a Girl is the 2nd single off his upcoming 3rd studio album "Ready". Check out the Benny Boom directed cut below.

Earlier in the month I posted some shots of Trey on set of the video, I wasn't expecting the video to be this good (quality wise), seeing as his last couple of video have been very budget. The video is not amazing, but its okay, they had a bit of concept going on there.

The song has warmed to me more, I'm definitely feeling the Stargate produced cut more, overall good stuff.


  1. Got nothing but luv for Trey..
    Especially since he cut his braids off..

  2. Me no likey the video.
    Still love the song though!


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