Friday, June 19, 2009

Cassie Gets a Public Roasting Live on Air

So Cassie was on a radio show a couple of days ago with fellow Bad Boy Label mate, Red Cafe. And during the interview, the stupid host "Chalemegne" and his even moe stupid callers really humiliate the girl live on air. They said she cant sing, she had no talent, sleeping with diddy, grills her about leaking her naked pictures, teases her about her hair and much more. Watch the clips below:

Part 1


I dont know how people can be this mean, you can say these things behind close doors but not to their damn face. How cheeky of the first caller to say she doesnt know who"Cassie" was, but all of a sudden during the call she tells her "you need to care what people think about you, because we dont remember you" The calls were all staged anyway, because you cant tell me, not one of her stans knew she was on the radio show to call in, KMT.

Anyway at least they played her song, so she got a lil promo out of all that mess!


  1. Haha. Wow. This can't be real. Aww. I love Cassie.

  2. Aww. I dont know how I wouldve handled that, she's just such a talented, sexy sweetheart! People can be so mean :(


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