Monday, June 01, 2009

HILARITY: Brúno Lands on Eminems Face, Ass First!

Over the weekend, The 2009 MTV Movie awards took place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California. During the entrace of Actor Sacha Baron Cohen's new character "Bruno", he was hanging in the air in angel wings , when the harnice suddenly broke, which caused him to land "Ass" first of Eminems face! No you didnt read wrong, He landed ass first on Eminems face!!! Watch the hilarity below:

LMAO, That was hilarious, So was it staged or not? I think it surley was and the cursing and storming out was just part of the act. If it was staged, Eminem was a good sport for agreeing to do that, because it was hilarious, made the whole show for me, and ya'll know how boring the MTV Movie awards can be!

Anyway, I cant wait to see "Bruno", it will be released in the UK and US, July 10th

"Crack a Bottle/ We Made You Performance, after the jump*

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  1. Sacha Cohen should apply to be the new host of Jackass if MTV is still doing that show


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