Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Interview: Fresh and Fab Interviews Day26 (Willie)

As reported a couple of weeks back, Freshandfab got the opportunity of interviewing Day26, however the interview didn't go according to plan as we only had a chat with 1/5th of the group, Willie Nelson. It still was a great interveiw, Willie had a lot of information for us, check it out below. Shout out to Akeem for another great interview!

Continue reading for Part II*

Fresh and Fab Interviews Day26 (Willie) Part 2


  1. akeem! you were too loud, i barley heard him

  2. i know, i know... but it wasn't my fault!
    it was his phone.. even after editing,
    my voice still came out very loud..
    it wasn't my fault.. i promise.

  3. I dont even know what was said here...its ok though Im sure you had the pleasure of interviewing...

    ** advice- Never say Ummmm....


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